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Meet Estelle Ashkenazi
Published January 08, 2014

There’s no way you can miss this Brooklyner walking the halls of Emerald Heights. Estelle moves with confidence and spunk, and when you greet her, you’ll hear her distinctive accent. Estelle may have moved out of Brooklyn, but there’s no taking the Brooklyn out of Estelle.

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Meet Mary Murphy
Published September 02, 2013

Mary Murphy made the move to Emerald Heights just one month ago, after living at Providence Point for the last 11 years. She knew she wanted a place with a strong sense of community, so she made the move to Emerald Heights.

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Meet the Parsons
Published May 01, 2013

New residents Gene and Jean Parsons have quickly made themselves at home since moving to Emerald Heights in late 2012.

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Q&A with resident “guest chef” Dick Pizzo
Published March 15, 2010

In March 2010, resident Dick Pizzo took center stage in the Emerald Heights dining room, as he played the role of “guest chef.” He planned an elaborate menu inspired by his Italian heritage, working side-by-side with kitchen staff to prepare the food all week, and helping to serve his creations on the big night, much to the delight of his neighbors. Resident blogger Marilyn Farrell wanted to learn more, and this Q&A interview is the result!

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Adele Pickett: Life is for the living
Published May 19, 2009

Resident Adele Pickett spends mornings in the challenging and often hilarious exercise class led by Ron Cole, Fitness Director; makes time to volunteer at Evergreen Hospital, taking advantage of the Education for Enjoyment offerings; spends some quiet afternoons curled up with a good book; and indulges in her favorite pastime, initiating conversations with people in the Emerald Heights community. She lives exactly as she chooses!

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Don Williams: Clever furniture design does double duty
Published December 04, 2008

Resident Don Williams shares how he made his small space do double-duty with clever furniture design.

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