Emerald Heights

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Early trailblazers paved the way

The Eastside Retirement Association was established in 1979, under the leadership of Whitney Corwin, for the purpose of creating in this region: excellent residential living; opportunities for personal growth and fulfillment; and a secure future for senior adults.

The result is Emerald Heights: a not-for-profit, non-denominational life care community providing a continuum of living accommodations, supportive services, and health care for residents age 55 and over.

When Emerald Heights opened its doors in 1992, several members of the founding board moved in immediately—and many still reside here.

Today, the community has a proven track record—one that is solid, fiscally responsible and financially secure.

Timeline of Major Events

Eastside Retirement Association established.

Emerald Heights opens its doors.

Major expansion project adds larger apartments, remodels dining venues and expands Corwin Center.

Emerald Heights signs the LeadingAge Quality First Covenant.

Emerald Heights was financed with bonds issued by the Washington State Housing Finance Commission. As a condition of this financing, Emerald Heights has set aside 25 percent of all units for lower-income households as defined by the Housing Finance Commission in accordance with the King County median income. For further information about these set-aside units, please contact the Marketing Office at 425-556-8168.

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