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Wellness is an action word

At Emerald Heights, wellness is an action word.

Throughout this vibrant community, we support each other in the pursuit of growth and improvement in seven significant aspects of wellness: emotional, social, spiritual, intellectual, environmental, physical and vocational.

Through this holistic approach, we can each achieve and maintain optimal health and independence, at every age and every stage.

Wellness is at the heart of everything we do.

Social Wellness

Successfully relating to and connecting with others in our community.

Emotional Wellness

Understanding, acknowledging and dealing with our feelings in a productive manner.

Spiritual Wellness

Exploring life’s meaning and uncovering our own truths.

Environmental Wellness

Making a positive impact on the quality of our environment: our homes, our communities and our planet.

Vocational Wellness

Preparing and using our gifts, skills and talents to gain purpose, happiness and life enrichment.

Physical Wellness

Living a lifestyle based on habits that support healthy bodily function and longevity.

Intellectual Wellness

Engaging our minds in lively interaction with the world around us.

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