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Cruising Through Life Together

February 13, 2018

The need for a loving relationship in life is third in Abraham Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs,” just after physiological needs and safety. Ralph Dines and Jane Nettleton recognize that need for companionship and believe there’s an opportunity to find love at any age.

Ralph and Jane, residents of Emerald Heights, met six years ago in a grief support group after they lost their spouses just one day apart from each other. Once they discovered their commonality, they realized the best way to grieve was through friendships because “you can get the hugs you need and a shoulder to cry on,” they shared. However, they didn’t feel they needed the grief support program as their friendship quickly developed.

Ralph describes their meeting as “quite a story.” One day, Ralph asked Jane to have breakfast together, and then he asked her to go on their first date – the big Ferris wheel in downtown Seattle. Ralph and Jane realized quickly that they have many similar interests. “I play golf, and she’s learned to golf for me. She’s a good cook – and I’m a good eater!” he laughs. However, their most similar interest was their love for travel.

Not long after meeting they embarked on a seven-week long cruise from Seattle to Australia and New Zealand. After this excursion, a number of others followed, including cruises to South America, a couple to Alaska and even some river cruises in Europe!

Ralph and Jane love experiencing life and staying active together. Aside from their love of travel, they are both very involved at Emerald Heights. Jane sings in the choir and cooks in the coffee shop, and Ralph has served on the Residents’ Council and committees. “I’m so fortunate to have found Ralph,” Jane claims. “Life is so much better when you have someone you love by your side.”