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Emerald Heights Dining—An Experience You Don’t Want to Miss

August 8, 2023

With delicious food that matches the warmth and care of the community, Emerald Heights offers a unique dining experience to residents. Not only is the food delicious and nutritious, the Emerald Heights dining staff strive to create a welcoming environment for residents to connect through food.

Emerald Heights features a pay-as-you-go dining program which gives residents the flexibility to dine when they want and only pay for the meals they choose. Unlike communities offering standardized meal plans, Emerald Heights seeks to give residents exactly what they want – under their control.

Emerald Heights has three dining rooms with a variety of food options for Independent Living residents: Copper & Hook, Madrona Dining and Cascades. Each dining room has a distinctly different atmosphere.

Copper & Hook offers brand-new 80-inch flat screen televisions, a fully stocked bar, and delicious bites. This is the perfect place for watching the Seattle Seahawks in the fall or dining casually with friends any day of the week.

Madrona is a slightly more formal dining option that will be perfect for date nights or a nice evening out. The location also offers private dining spaces to host family functions and meetings. In a recent renovation, Madrona was upgraded with new furniture, curtains, and automatic shades.

The third dining option located in Independent Living  is an alternative to the traditional sit-down experience. Cascades offers premade meals, snacks, pastries, soup, coffee, smoothies and more for residents on the go. There is even ice cream from local creameries with freshly made waffle cones available at Cascades.

“Food is such an important part of all of our lives,” said Matthew Lecours, director of food and beverage of Emerald Communities. “I hope residents experience amazing service, delicious food, and an ambience that reminds them that this is their home.”

There are also dining options specifically for residents in memory care, skilled nursing and assisted living. Residents can also modify and place special requests based on their preferences for the day making it accessible and hassle free.

Fireside Grille is the dining space for skilled nursing residents. The option serves all modified diets to provide exactly what residents need for a healthy recovery.  Wildflower Point dining is specially designed to serve residents within our Memory Care neighborhood.

Lastly, Rainier Dining is a newly revamped option for assisted living residents. The space has a fully loaded kitchen giving a wide variety of meal options for residents.  

Wildflower Point, Fireside Grille and Rainier Dining also allows residents to order off any menu offered throughout campus.

Almost all dining options at Emerald Heights received upgrades recently and are constantly adding new items to the menu. The chefs at Emerald Heights make it a priority to listen to what residents like and dislike to make the dining experience the best it can be.

“With such a broad spectrum of palates, diets, and needs, we want to offer as much variety as possible,” adds Lecours. “On any given day we offer an average of 21 different sides and 8 different proteins as static options. You can find anything from soup to Wagyu steak bites and, of course, options for any dietary restrictions.”

While Emerald Heights has some of the best dining in the Puget Sound, the only way to truly understand is to try it yourself.

If you would like to find more information on the dining options at Emerald Heights, visit emeraldheights.com/dining.

Featured Image: Rice Fergus Miller, 2023