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Emerald Heights Nutrition

April 11, 2024

Food brings us together; it is a way to explore, to connect and to share. However, its most important duty is to fuel and provide sustenance for a long, healthy life.

With five onsite dining options, Emerald Heights makes it their goal to offer not only delicious options for residents but meals to fit everyone’s nutritional goals and dietary restrictions.

All the restaurants onsite are transparent about nutritional information. Each menu has the caloric breakdown, allergen identifiers, gluten sensitivity markers, alcohol and lactose free indicators, sodium levels and carbohydrate totals. To find the complete nutritional breakdown and ingredients for all menu items, residents can go to the host stand, library or resident portal.

Emerald Heights’ chefs work with dieticians to create all recipes in-house. Dishes are prepared from scratch so residents can tailor their meals depending on their preferences and dietary restrictions. Residents have the option to cook their proteins in a variety of ways including grilled, roasted, poached, pan seared or even fried. Menus also change on a quarterly basis to offer new options for residents.

“All dining locations have the residents’ best interest and nutritional needs in mind,” said Matthew Lecours, director of food and beverage of Emerald Communities. “We take nutrition and healthy options seriously while also respecting residents’ wishes for variety. With over 40 daily offerings, we try to balance the options to appeal to anyone regardless of their individual health goals.”

The dining team at Emerald Communities also takes resident feedback very seriously. A recent survey by residents showed many were interested in extending the vegetarian and vegan options. Emerald Communities responded by integrating a wide variety of dishes to meet this request. One of the most popular dishes at the moment is the tofu popcorn made with a cashew tempura style batter and served with a chili sauce. 

For residents who want additional support with healthy eating options, Emerald Heights has onsite nutritionists able to provide guidance. Each resident is offered a free one-hour consultation to help them navigate the menu and any dietary restrictions they may have. Residents can continue to see dieticians for an additional cost after their consultation or can work with the food and beverage staff to find a plan that works best for them.

“Mindful nutrition plays a crucial role in senior living,” adds Lecours. “Maintaining general health through specialized diets can reduce the risk of cognitive decline, increase muscle mass and bone density, prevent malnutrition and help manage chronic conditions.”

Emerald Heights also offers a wide variety of fitness classes and personal training to support a physically healthy lifestyle. With dozens of community groups and activities onsite, the staff at Emerald Heights also make it a priority to ensure mental well-being and enrichment are the cornerstones of daily living. For more information on Emerald Heights dining, visit emeraldheights.com/dining.