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Enjoying The Outdoors

April 28, 2016

Jack and Kathy Manning

Jack and Kathy Manning love to hike, so it’s no surprise that they met while doing just that… hiking.

The Mannings have been married for 26 years. After mutual friends invited them on a hike, the two met and have been inseparable ever since. Jack and Kathy love being outdoors as often as possible, so it’s safe to say it’s a match made in Heaven.

They have lived at Emerald Heights for a year and a half, having moved to the community in October 2014 after doing a bit of searching. After seeing what happens to people who wait too long, they decided to find their new home sooner rather than later. “We knew we didn’t want that to happen to us,” said Jack. The pair was searching for a new home with their longtime friends, Michael and Hilda Cahn. The Cahns found Emerald Heights first, and the Mannings were not far behind. “We are lucky to have chosen the same place,” Kathy said.

The Cahns and Mannings have been friends for several years. The couples enjoy hiking together as well as doing a great deal of travel. Kathy and Hilda are also members of the Benevolence Fund at Emerald Heights, having organized an amazing event for the fundraiser just last year.

The couple looked at several different communities before honing in on Emerald Heights, which thrives on keeping its residents as active as possible, something Kathy and Jack love. “It’s important to live in a community where you are active,” said Kathy. “There are a lot of interactions here to keep you stimulated.”

Jack and Kathy enjoy being outdoors as often as possible. They take full advantage of the trails in the community, and enjoy going on walks often. “We love the trails,” said Jack, who loves the trails so much that he volunteers cleaning them up in his spare time.

Family is very important to the Mannings. The couple has six children and six grandchildren, most of whom are in the Puget Sound area. Upon showing their family the community, they were very excited about visiting. Their children love seeing their parents enjoying life in a community like Emerald Heights, and it’s certain the Mannings enjoy it, too. Whenever their grandchildren are there, they take full advantage of the pool. “We tell our family we live at a resort,” said Kathy.

When asked about what they like most about Emerald Heights aside from the hikes and gorgeous trails, it’s the dining room. In addition to the fabulous cuisine, they really enjoy the high school and college students who work in the dining room, serving food to the residents. “It makes for a great atmosphere,” Kathy said. “Seeing these kids learn how to work in a first class restaurant, well, it’s just fun being around teenagers.”

When the Mannings aren’t at Emerald Heights, they enjoy spending time visiting their cabin in Port Ludlow. While there, Jack helps repair and rebuild old homes. Kathy enjoys bridge and recently got a permit to work in the community coffee shop.