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Getting a Head Start

May 23, 2016

Hilda and Michael Cahn

For Michael and Hilda Cahn, getting a head start on finding a new home was very important.

The Cahns have enjoyed life at Emerald Heights for just under two years. They were looking at different communities for more than three years before making their final decision. Like most couples in their later years, they wanted to make sure all of their bases were covered, because there is “no way to know what the future will bring,” said Michael. The Cahns main goal was finding a place where they were comfortable in knowing their future was taken care of, if needed.

After doing a bit of researching, the couple began looking around and setting up interviews. “We drove all around,” said Hilda. “Once we saw Emerald Heights, it was a done deal. Nothing even came close to it. We were disappointed with every other place we saw. Choosing Emerald Heights was a no-brainer.”

Once they made the decision that Emerald Heights was the place for them, they told their close friends, Jack and Kathy Manning, all about it. The Cahns and Mannings have been close friends for several years and are happy to now be neighbors. Hilda and Kathy also enjoy being on different committees at Emerald Heights, and are currently members of the Benevolence Fund.

The Cahns have lived in Port Ludlow for more than 16 years, but are originally from Rochester, NY. Their children actually made the move from Rochester to Seattle before they did; Hilda’s daughter, Sharon, had a college roommate who is from Bainbridge Island. After Sharon visited the area with her roommate, she fell in love with the West. Sharon raved about the area to her parents, and upon retirement, they knew the West, Port Ludlow specifically, was the place they wanted to be.

“It’s an amazing part of the country and it’s just gorgeous,” Hilda remarked.

The Cahns met at a Single’s Party one night and the rest is history. “We spotted each other that night, and one year later, we were married,” said Hilda. It will be 27 years of marriage in November.

In his earlier years, Michael was a physician for nearly 40 years. He got his M.D. (medical degree) in 1962 and was practicing until 1999. Hilda was a Specialist in Autism, teaching autistic children in the classroom. After her years in the classroom, she worked in the homes of several different children in an effort to aide them in a more personal setting.

In their spare time, the Cahn’s enjoy living a very active lifestyle. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, Hilda participates in a water aerobics class. On the other days of the week, she participates in “Wake Up with Weights,” a circuit training class. “It really gets your blood flowing,” she said. She also works in the Emerald Heights coffee shop, specializing in the ‘Emeraldccino.’ “It’s basically a Frappuccino, Emerald Heights’ style,” she joked.

Michael is on the Health and Wellness committee at the community. He also works on an emergency response committee, organizing medical responses should there be any disasters – fires, storms, etc. He cooks at the Emerald Heights coffee shop as well, specializing in the French toast. “It’s a great place to socialize and make friends,” he said. “You get to meet a lot of people.”

When asked what they enjoy most about life at Emerald Heights, it is all of the great activities and the friendly residents. “You can be as active as you want,” the pair said in unison. They take full advantage of the numerous biking trails within biking distance. “You can bike all day and never have to get off of a trail,” said Michael.

The Cahns are very happy at Emerald Heights and know that they made the right decision. “Every single day, we can’t help but think how blessed we are. We’re staying here forever,” Michael said.