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Make Moving Easier: Recommendations For Seniors

April 9, 2021

Having A Game Plan Can Make The Process A Lot Less Stressful

When you’ve lived in the same home for a long time, maybe even several decades, the very thought of moving can be enough to make you want to bolt the door and stay put. Sure, the idea of having less to take care of and more time to do what you want is abundantly appealing. But then you walk into the garage, attic or basement, or you open a few closet doors and cabinets, and suddenly the sight of all that “stuff” is overwhelming. So, how do you get from where you are now to where you want to be? By following a few basic steps and getting some help. And remember, the sooner you start, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to do this the way you want. You don’t want to wait until a medical emergency forces the situation. Make moving easier with the following recommendations!

First Things First

Before you “build” the first box or bubble wrap the first bauble, take a little time to prepare yourself mentally. Like any other big project, this will go more smoothly with a positive attitude.

A few tips to keep in mind:

1. You don’t have to do this in a day.

If you do a little each day—even if you set aside just one hour for it—you’ll get the job done. If you’re going to do as some professionals recommend and take it one room at a time, then begin with a small room that you don’t use all that often. As you start developing a sense of accomplishment, you’ll be ready to tackle more.

2. You don’t have to do it alone.

We’ll repeat this point several times throughout this post because it’s important to remember. There’s always someone who can help you.

3. Remind yourself often of where you’re going.

It can be easy to get lost in thought when you start sifting through memorabilia you haven’t seen in a while. Enjoy your happy memories and know that you’ll make more in your new home.

Develop A Timeline

Much of this entire process hinges on how quickly you plan on moving. The tighter the time frame, the more critical this step is.

If you have a moving day in mind, you can backtrack from there to figure out how quickly you need to complete the intermediate steps. Know that real estate agents, movers, and other people or services you hire might need a certain amount of notice to fit you into their schedule.

If your targeted date is something like “later this year,” you can proceed to the next step without spending too much time on this one for now. Just be careful not to put it off too long.

Getting Started

Now you’re in the right mindset. Maybe you’ve sketched out a schedule. The obvious next step is to begin clearing out the clutter. You’re probably going to be moving to a smaller home, which makes this step all the more important.

While you don’t need to take everything with you, you also want to make sure that you keep what’s important. That includes not only items you need for practical purposes but also those that serve to ground or center you—things that make your home feel like your home.

There are a number of ways you can pare down your belongings so that you end up with only what you truly want to keep:

  • Give items that have sentimental value to family members or friends. You can take digital photos of collectibles and other items you might want to look at on occasion. Then give the originals to people who would like to have them. You could ask family members to help you with this and use your time together to strengthen your bonds.
  • Sell items you no longer want or need on eBay or, if you’re up to it, have a yard sale. You could ask family members or friends to help you with this as well.
  • Donate items that still have use left in them. Churches, charities, and other organizations might be happy to have them, and some places will even come pick them up.
  • If you have the space, set up empty boxes in a room and label them “give to family,” “sell” and “donate” or something along those lines. As you fill each box, set up another and label it accordingly.

Specialized Help

To simplify this step even more, consider hiring a professional business to help you “right size.” There are companies that specialize in helping older adults move from the family home into retirement communities. They do this day in and day out, so they’ve got it down to a science. And they’re aware that this move often involves emotional and sentimental choices, so they’re well-prepared to assist you with those.

If you’ve ever hired professional movers, you may have been amazed by how quickly they can get the job done. A professional downsizing company can be equally efficient (and amazing).

Figure Out Your Furniture

If you enjoy working on puzzles, then this step might be fun for you. Once you know what your future space will accommodate, you can begin to decide what furniture and other large items will go with you.

If possible, print out a floor plan of your new home. You can take a virtual tour of Emerald Heights and download PDFs of our floor plans, complete with measurements, right here on our website.

By mapping out each of your rooms ahead of time, you can avoid moving day surprises—like finding out your bed’s too big for your bedroom.

We’re Here To Help!

We work with older adults on a regular basis to help them plan their transition into our community. So, we’re familiar with the unique aspects of the move you’re contemplating.

We encourage you to use our expertise to your advantage. Remember, there’s always someone who can help. If there’s something you need that’s beyond our scope of services, we’ll gladly do what we can to point you in the right direction!

If you are interested in joining us for a virtual tour or an in-person visit, please call us at (866) 822-0916Or send us an email at info@emeraldheights.com.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Emerald Heights’s community in the near future!