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Making the Move to Your Best Life

March 9, 2017

Turner, Joyce& Ned #2802Just over two years ago, Ned and Joyce Turner made the move to Emerald Heights from their home in Bellevue. They had built a beautiful home “basically in the middle of the woods,” Joyce laughs. Ned explains, “It was great at the time, but you don’t want to live in a house you built when you were 30 for the rest of your life. You need a change.” That change, moving to Emerald Heights, could not have been more perfect for them.

Emerald Heights had always been in the back of their minds, as two members of their church founded the community about 25 years ago. They’ve had many friends move to Emerald Heights over the years, and love meeting even more new friends at the community.

What initially sparked their interest in moving was the new apartment building that Emerald Heights had built, mainly for the design but also for the timing of it being open. They had time to plan and prepare for their new home without any rush. The tall ceilings, big windows, and great views are what really sealed the deal for the Turner’s. “There is a pond across the trail at Trailside and we joke that we have a waterfront view,” Ned jokes. They could not have been more thrilled to decorate the apartment and tailor it to their style. With a summer house on Whidbey Island that they go back to every year, this will be the first year they may be skipping their summer trip for the simple fact that they don’t want to leave their “luxurious” apartment.

The Turners are certainly making the most of their home at Emerald Heights. Ned is involved on the trips committee and plans various day trips for the residents to enjoy. Joyce is involved in Conversations with new residents for the in-house TV station, as well as the Fall choir.

When the Turners were asked their favorite aspect of Emerald Heights, they had a couple different answers. “Besides the fact that we absolutely love our apartment, we also love making new friends. Everyone has a fascinating story, and I love hearing all about them!” Joyce shares. “We’ll be sitting together for dinner and all of a sudden another couple we haven’t met will join us. Everyone is very friendly and willing to meet new people.”