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Meet Chris Swedish: Emerald Heights Director of Facilities

March 17, 2023

meet chris swedish

Ensuring the Emerald Heights community is a welcoming and safe place is top priority for our residents and would not be possible without Chris Swedish, Emerald Heights’ new Director of Facilities.

Chris started with Emerald Heights in October 2022 – on Halloween, in fact. On Chris’ first day, he got to experience all of the personality and fun at Emerald Heights when he was welcomed by residents and staff dressed in Halloween costumes.

Chris comes from an extensive background in construction, building, and project management. The path which led Chris to working in senior living communities was an interesting and refreshing journey.

After pursuing a Project Management Degree in Washington, D.C., Chris began his career working with an engineer firm designing storage systems for national art museums around the country. He also worked on building an indoor mobile called “The Clouds” in the Hart Senate Building in Washington DC. This experience catalyzed his passion for building things, and subsequently inspired Chris to start his own construction business.

After 20 years of running his own business, Chris was offered the opportunity to support an assisted living community during a $5-million renovation where he acted as the agent between the construction company and owner of the assisted living community. After the entire exterior renovation, Chris realized he enjoyed this atmosphere so much that he decided to stay and help with the interior renovations, as well.

From that point on, Chris knew that senior living was a career path he needed to stick with. Since 2007, Chris has been helping keep senior living communities a safe and happy place for all residents.

“The lively atmosphere and energy created in senior living communities just can’t be beat,” said Chris. “I look forward to coming into work every day because I get to meet with residents, hear their stories, make the community a better place, and work with an amazing team. Emerald Heights doesn’t just feel like a senior living community – it feels like family.” 

As Director of Facilities at Emerald Heights, Chris oversees facilities, housekeeping, grounds, and security. He also is involved in apartment turnovers in independent living and ensures the assisted living community gets contracts for the upgrades needed and reviews these contracts to ensure every aspect is up to code.

He is consistently making sure the property is operating as best as possible while providing the community with the help needed to maintain a safe, comfortable, and happy environment.

Through his decades of experience and passion for senior living, Chris has several exciting initiatives he is hoping to bring to Emerald Heights. He is looking forward to implementing strategies to enhance the inclusive environment of Emerald Heights and is encouraging residents to share their ideas on how to make the campus a better place to live.

“For me, this is my job, but for most at Emerald Heights, this is their home,” added Chris. “I want to take as much input from residents as possible so I can make their community and their home the best place to live. They are the ones with experience and wonderful ideas so I look forward to creating a program that values their thoughts.” 

Outside of work, Chris enjoys spending time with his family including his wife and five children. His youngest son plays lacrosse all across the U.S., and Chris enjoys accompanying his son in traveling to new places. Not only can he support his son, but Chris also thinks of these tournaments as “mini vacations” where he can see new things and try new restaurants.

From day one, Chris has been an encouraging addition to the Emerald Heights team. If you see Chris around the community, tell him a story and give him a smile! He takes joy in getting to know Emerald Heights residents and making sure each resident is as happy as possible. If you have any thoughts on how to make Emerald Heights a better community, Chris is always welcoming of new ideas!