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Meet Joan Glass, An Emerald Heights Resident Making a Difference Through Quilting

May 1, 2023

Joan Glass was in disbelief when the Redmond Parks and Recreation team walked into her quilters club meeting to let her know she had won the 2023 Volunteer of the Year award.

joan glass

Every May, the City of Redmond and the Redmond Senior Advisory Committee select two individuals to acknowledge with the Volunteers of the Year award for Older Americans Month. Joan Glass was selected for her contributions to the Redmond community and her outstanding leadership of the Redmond Senior Quilters Group.

“While this award means so much to me, it really is an honor for the entire Redmond Senior Quilters Group. Without them, we could not make a difference in the community, and I am so grateful to lead a group of such inspirational people,” said Joan.  

Joan joined the Redmond Senior Quilters Group in 2014 and took over as lead in 2015. For almost a decade, Joan has been meeting with quilters from the local area once a week to make beautiful pieces of art and socialize with like-minded individuals.

Members of the quilters group have made hundreds of quilts over the years and the majority of these creations are donated to the community. The group donates quilts to the YWCA to provide homeless women and children with a comforting item upon arrival, they send blankets and fabric to local animal shelters, and donate children’s pillowcases to the Ronald McDonald House.

While she is a quilting pro now, Joan did not always have this skillset in quilting. In 1984, Joan decided to expand her horizons by taking a few community college classes and one of them happened to be Quilting 101. In this course, she learned all about quilting techniques and the history of quilting. She instantly fell in love with the art form and knew she wanted to continue practicing.

Quilting was a relaxing escape for Joan especially through her high stress career as a nurse. Even after retirement, Joan knew she could not give up this hobby. She is now the leader of the Redmond Senior Quilters Group and participates in a Quilters Group at Emerald Heights as well.

Over the years, she has made quilts for new members of her family, as gifts for friends and has even made quilts to honor those who have passed.

She has touched so many people through quilting, found her passion, and met some of her favorite people through quilting.

“Quilting has given me a strong identity over the years and if anyone is interested in trying it, now is the time,” adds Joan. “It takes patience and a lot of practice, but it is something you can learn and continue to hone your skills for many years.”

Joan will be attending the Older Americans Month proclamation and reception in early May to receive her honor. She will be joined by the best cheering squad consisting of her husband and several members of the Redmond Senior Quilters Group.