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Nancy Clancy’s Quilts

November 2, 2017


Two years ago on Memorial Day, Emerald Heights welcomed two new residents, The Clancys. Since then, Nancy Clancy has immersed herself in all that the community has to offer, such as becoming in charge of the quarterly Women’s Breakfast, as well as being an active member of the Fund Development Committee. Her favorite part about living at Emerald Heights is getting to know the other residents and making new friends.

Nancy has been making quilts since the mid-1980s, and recently had her beautiful quilts on display in the gallery at Emerald Heights. What makes her quilts different than most are the bright colors she uses. “These are not your grandmother’s quilts,” she explains. She loves to sit in front of the television at night and quilt, although now she works mostly on the sewing machine in the daylight.  A quilt typically takes her six to eight months to make.

Some of the inspirations for Nancy’s quilts start in quilting classes, but then she expands those ideas and creativity into something original. Nancy has even made a quilt based off a photograph. In her lifetime, she’s made about 200 quilts. So, what does she do with all the quilts? “Some quilts are for special occasions such as graduations or weddings, but I also love quilting for babies because they are usually quick and easy,” Nancy shares.

Nancy truly enjoys her life at Emerald Heights and savors the moments she is able to inspire others through her quilts. If you missed her quilts in the gallery, take a look at some of the images of her stunning quilts below.