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Planning For Your Future

May 10, 2017

When Emerald Heights opened nearly 25 years ago, Kay Wilson knew she would eventually live here. She was very attracted to the community and all that it had to offer. The question was never if she would move here, it was always when she would make the move.


Kay is a big advocate for planning ahead for not only her future, but her children’s future. “My mother didn’t make any plans and we had to deal with many issues as she aged, and having gone through that really made me want to solidify my future so that my children didn’t have to worry.” Kay encourages her friends and anyone she meets to do the same. “Moving to Emerald Heights was the absolute best decision I could have made,” Kay shares.


Kay has many great things to say about the community and choosing to move early on in her life. “Living at Emerald Heights is like living on a cruise ship. It’s the best!” she explains. While she knew some people at the community prior to moving here, her enthusiasm for life at Emerald Heights brought even more of her friends to the community. She has also been pleased to make many new friends at Emerald Heights.


Kay’s advice for people thinking about moving to Emerald Heights? “Every planning meeting I attended was filled with residents saying wonderful things about the community, but for me, I didn’t need convincing. My mind was always set that I was going to move to Emerald Heights. Now, what I tell people thinking about moving to the community is to not wait too long or you won’t be able to take advantage of all that the community has to offer.”