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The Chips Stacked Up for Emerald Heights

March 4, 2016





Choosing a retirement plan using poker chips may not be the go-to strategy for most people. However, for Larry and Joyce Pinnt that is exactly how it happened.

Larry decided to use poker chips to stack up the cost of living in their home versus living at Emerald Heights. Larry is no stranger to using numbers and making informed decisions, he was the CFO of U.S. West Communications, now Century Link. “When we added all the things up that we were spending money on, it actually came out in favor of Emerald Heights,” he said. It was then that they decided to make to the move.

The Pinnts both were raised in Eastern Washington, about 50 miles apart from each other and later met at Central Washington College, now Central Washington University. Wanting to retire locally, the move to Emerald Heights couldn’t have been more convenient – the couple lived just a mile and a half north of the community.

When Larry and Joyce informed family of their decision to move to the community in 2009, they were hesitant. “Our grandchildren were reluctant because they were attached to our family home,” said Joyce. However, once the family saw the amenities Emerald Heights had to offer, they quickly changed their minds. “After we invited them over for a free meal, it seemed to be no problem,” Larry joked. The Pinnts have three children, six grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren.

Emerald Heights quickly became home for Larry and Joyce. Larry currently works in the resident coffee shop and has become quite skilled at making pancakes, waffles and French toast. Joyce is a volunteer clerk in the country store and both serve on several committees at Emerald Heights. Larry served on the board of directors and now films videos of new residents and does his part in welcoming them to the community.

Larry was in the ROTC and did a tour in Japan for more than two years, where two of their children were born. The Pinnts love to travel, and are “willing to go wherever the RV” will take them. They are proud to say they’ve traveled all over the world: Europe, Alaska, and Japan. Larry did admit, however, traveling has gotten harder to do over time. “Suitcases get heavier, waits in airports get longer,” said Larry. “It has to be a really special event.”

Larry and Joyce look forward to seeing how the chips stack up for their next great adventure, but until then they continue to enjoy all the comforts of home at Emerald Heights.