Feel good about everything you do.

Our wellness program is the backbone of our community. Through this exclusive initiative, we support each other in an ongoing pursuit of life enrichment and improvement in each of the 7 aspects of whole body wellness.

  1. Social – Developing meaningful relationships and connecting with the people around you
  2. Emotional – Understanding, acknowledging and reacting to our feelings in a healthy, productive manner
  3. Spiritual – Exploring life and discovering our own truths
  4. Environmental – Making a positive impact on the quality of the world around us
  5. Vocational – Practicing and using our skills and talents for greater life enrichment
  6. Physical – Engaging in activities that support healthy bodily function and longevity
  7. Intellectual – Using our minds to interact with the world in a lively manner

On a given day at Emerald Heights, you can enhance all seven aspects of your personal wellness and make a positive difference in your life. We offer educational classes, fitness programs, social events, recreational activities and cultural experiences based on residents’ interests. Through this holistic approach, we help our residents achieve and maintain optimal health and independence at every age.