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A Discussion with Emerald Heights Fitness Program Coordinator, Andrew Hill

October 4, 2021

Olivia Newton-John once sang, “let’s get physical,” and that is exactly what residents at Emerald Heights are doing! Andrew Hill, Emerald Heights Fitness Program Coordinator, shared the inside scoop on the best exercise classes, how to get involved with the fitness program and why it is so important for aging adults to stay active.

One of the most popular fitness options for residents at Emerald Heights is the group fitness classes. Residents can participate in various classes like yoga, balance, strength, tai-chi, water aerobics, and even ZUMBA!

Over 40 group fitness classes are offered Monday through Friday and class schedules are posted throughout campus and on the residential portal. These classes are first-come-first-serve, so residents do not have to register for the classes before joining. Each of the group fitness classes has different levels of intensity. Classes range from beginners to intermediate and advanced.

“Group fitness classes are not only great for participating in daily exercise, but it is also a wonderful opportunity for residents to socialize,” said Hill. “The group training classes are fun, energetic, and lighthearted. It is a perfect environment to meet other residents in the community and gain new friends.”

On beautiful days in Redmond, Andrew and the other fitness instructors may even take their classes outside! By intensifying the calming sensations while being surrounded by nature, residents in the tai-chi classes get to enjoy the full effects of an outdoor-class experience. Even dance aerobics classes have been conducted outside with a large speaker to get the entire community dancing.

“The whole point of the fitness program at Emerald Heights is to give residents the tools they need to live better, fuller lives,” adds Hill. “Each class focuses on an area to help with something that is lost when getting older. For example, the balance classes help with fall prevention.”

In addition to group fitness classes, Emerald Heights also offers one-on-one personal training. Personal training provides a completely individualized approach to exercise with guidance from a professional. The fitness trainers will work with residents to create health goals and tailor a plan to meet these goals. 

To sign up for a personal training session, residents can head down or call the fitness office to speak with Andrew or any of the three other fitness specialists. Typically, residents sign up for two to three sessions each week, and the sessions last about a half-hour.

“Personal training is a great way to focus on residents’ personal fitness goals,” said Hill. “I love working in an environment where I can directly help a resident achieve their goals to living a longer life. And we get to achieve these goals all while talking and enjoying each other’s company.”

The last option in the fitness program is for residents who do not desire as much guidance. The onsite gym is open to residents 24 hours every day of the week. Individuals can come as they please to use the cardio equipment or the weightlifting machines. 

Residents can choose any of these options or participate in all of them. It is beneficial for residents to exercise to help their physical health, emotional well-being, and social skills. 

For more information on Emerald Heights’ class schedules or program options call (425) 556-8100 or review the fitness section in the residential portal.