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Growing Passion for Emerald Heights from 15 Years of Age

November 15, 2016


Not many people can say they’ve worked for the same company since they were 15 years old. But, for Randy Monkley, that is a different story.

“Well, I was actually 15 1/2,” Randy laughs, talking about his start with Emerald Heights. Randy became interested in working at Emerald Heights because friends worked here, and according to them, it was “the place to work at that age!”

Having started as part of the wait staff, Randy moved through many different departments, learning a lot about Emerald Heights, the teams and residents. He did take some time off from Emerald Heights, about nine months, before returning as part of the maintenance department.

Later, Randy joined the IT department, which was quite small at the time. Randy later took on the role of running the department and guiding it in the right direction. This was Randy’s first leadership position with Emerald Heights, and an exciting one at that! “Moving from a part-time position to a leadership role in the department and growing with Emerald Heights has been very enjoyable,” Randy said.

When the Director of Facilities role opened six years ago, having the prior experience and longevity at Emerald Heights, Randy was encouraged to apply.

“Thankfully I got the position and have loved the time I’ve spent here thus far!” he said. Randy oversees the housekeeping, facilities, and security department, which encompasses the janitors, housekeepers, maintenance and grounds department, and the 24-hour security team.

As for what’s made Randy want to stay with Emerald Heights for so long, the answer is simple: great opportunities, amazing co-workers, and residents that are like family. Randy shares, “It’s like having 500 grandparents, and the place is overflowing with wisdom!”