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Meet Dian Williamson—Concierge Supervisor at Emerald Heights

May 5, 2020

Concierge Supervisor, Dian Williamson is an integral part of the team at Emerald Heights, bringing a unique history full of innovation and family ties.

Dian started her tenure at the community as the Activities Director of the Corwin Center in May of 1996 and implemented a variety of programs for skilled nursing and assisted living. Many of the programs were quality of life activities such as cooking, fitness, special events, entertainment and active games like lawn bowling and therapy-based programs.

After 10 years away from Emerald Heights, Dian was hired back as a part-time Concierge. With a passion for helping to create a diverse and fun-loving environment throughout the community, Dian took on her current position of Concierge Supervisor at the reception desk in May 2019.

Dian Williamson Emerald Heights

“I just love working here at Emerald Heights,” Dian said. “I have a lot of pride in the fact that I get to serve our wonderful residents. They truly are such great people.”

Dian’s family is also tied to the community. While serving as Activities Director, she met her husband, who was working as a Restorative Aide at the Corwin Center. Her son, Mason has spent time as a dining room server at Emerald Heights and volunteering as a computer technical aide, helping residents with their cell phone and computer needs.

One of Dian’s favorite parts of her job is working closely with the residents and staff, getting to know them and their history.

“Working here and exchanging stories with the people of Emerald Heights is truly an unmatched opportunity,” Dian said.