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Life Care: What It Is. What It Could Mean to You.

June 17, 2020

Times have changed. This phrase seems trite, but when it comes to capturing how people today live after age 65, it works. Senior lifestyles have changed—drastically!

Today, the golden years, as they once were called, are not as much about winding down and taking it easy as they are about exploring opportunity. For example, having the time to pursue a new talent or interest, chart a new course, reinvent yourself or engage in pastimes you enjoyed before life happened. It’s your retirement and you should be free to approach it as you want—with no limitations or compromises. This is your moment.

Life Care—Simply Put.

Emerald Heights will leave you free to mold a future in which you can live life to the fullest. As a full-service, nonprofit Life Care Community nestled in a beautiful neighborhood setting in Redmond, WA, Emerald Heights combines the independent lifestyle you want and deserve with peace of mind for the future. Here, you’ll have financial security and predictability while receiving priority access to on-site assisted living, skilled nursing and memory care, if you ever need it – unlimited for a lifetime. Life Care at Emerald Heights makes the convenience of care available in its onsite health center, The Corwin Center.

This is true Life Care, protecting you from the ever-rising cost of long-term health care, regardless of the level of care you need or length of your stay. Think of it, by securing your future health care plan well in advance, your loved ones won’t be faced with difficult decisions at a moment’s notice. Choosing Life Care at Emerald Heights can be as much a gift for your family as it is for you.

Independence, and More.

With this basic explanation of Life Care now in front of you, let’s build on it and investigate what more you can expect from this rewarding lifestyle. Independent living at Emerald Heights gives you the opportunity to accomplish whatever you desire. As a full-service community, excellent meals featuring fresh, nutritious ingredients are featured in your choice of dining options.

Our resident-driven senior living lifestyle is based on your interests, hobbies, tastes and passions. And maintenance-free living—no daily upkeep or responsibilities—means you can do what you want, not what you must. It’s a truly independent lifestyle with so much opportunity and activity right outside your door.

Life Care at Emerald Heights is designed to support your independence and provide the things most important for your happiness and well-being. You have the opportunity to accomplish whatever you desire and might want to try from a vast selection of onsite services and amenities focused on seven aspects of whole-body wellness—social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, vocational, physical and intellectual—a program that forms the backbone of Emerald Heights.

On any given day, you can enhance all seven aspects of your personal wellness and make a positive difference in your life. Educational classes, fitness programs, social events, recreational activities and cultural experiences based on residents’ interests comprise a dynamic community activity calendar. Through this holistic approach, Emerald Heights helps residents achieve and maintain optimal health and independence at every age and in the company of a diverse group of good friends and vibrant neighbors who like the same things you do.

A Natural Fit for Your Future.

And you can enjoy Life Care living at Emerald Heights from the comfort of your beautifully designed, spacious apartment home, or a single-story, duplex cottage. There’s an exceptional choice of residence styles and sizes and every residence will put you steps away from the action and energy of community spaces and all services and amenities. And you can be assured that, as a nonprofit, funds are used to operate and maintain the community, and fees are set—not to make money for shareholders—but to fulfill their mission of service to seniors and Emerald Heights.

Choose a floor plan that suits your style in our main residential building, duplex cottages, or in our newest building on campus, Trailside, with 43 brand-new apartments and underbuilding parking. Pricing varies based on the floor plan and its location within the community. To learn which type of residential option(s) at Emerald Heights may be a good financial fit for you, Emerald Heights has created a valuable Financial Fit Calculator. Simply answer seven easy questions about your age, income, and assets. Your information will remain secure and will not be shared with third-parties.

Life Care contracts at Emerald Heights require a one-time entrance fee and monthly fee for independent living, services and amenities, and, in essence, a portion of health-related services that may be needed in the future. Life Care often provides a desirable complement to–or possible option in place of—a long-term care insurance policy. (Consult your insurance agent.) Also, Tax preparers have sited IRS rulings indicating substantial tax benefits in Life Care contracts. Portions of community entrance fees and monthly service fees may be classified as deductible, or prepaid or ongoing medical expenses. (Consult your tax preparer.) Some contract options are partially refundable to you or your estate. Refer to the Emerald Heights Schedule of Fees for specific details.

Keep in Mind—

The Benefits of Life Care are REAL . . .

  • Financial Freedom—Independent living without the worry of where you’ll receive long-term care, if ever needed.
  • Value—A monthly fee that covers a wide range of services and amenities, returning to you valuable time to engage in exactly how you want to spend your days.
  • Peace of Mind—Priority lifetime access to onsite health care. Options for entrance fee refundability.

. . . and are becoming increasingly popular during these pandemic times of global uncertainty.

Google reports that online searches for “Life Care” spiked in the months of March and April of 2020 when the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus was becoming more prominent throughout the United States. Is it time for you to take a closer look at Life Care?

What’s Next?

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