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Meet Heidi, a Multi-Generational Resident

December 4, 2018

A home can be defined many ways. Comfort. Security. Memories. A home for the second phase of life should meet your needs and provide a community that mirrors your lifestyle.

For resident Heidi Smith, Emerald Heights combined it all and was considered a home long before she lived there. Her parents were early residents of the community discovering that this Life Plan Community had all of components they were looking for in their new home.

“I remember coming to see Emerald Heights with my mom,” she said. “We were blown away by the community and my parents knew right away that they were home.”

As Heidi’s parents moved in, Emerald Heights became her second home as she traveled from Oregon frequently to see and visit with her parents.

Then on her 50th birthday, Heidi received an amazing gift.

“My parents wanted me to be safe and comfortable when it came time for me to retire and on my birthday, they gifted me a deposit check for a new home at Emerald Heights,” she said. “They knew how much I would love living here.”

Heidi and her beloved dog, Kindle moved into their new home in October 2014.

Kindle, a lovable golden doodle was a certified therapy dog and quickly became a regular visitor to residents of the Corwin Center. As a therapy dog, Kindle provided people comfort even just by laying quietly in their laps.

“There’s something about the therapy dogs that make people feel safe and they are not afraid,” Heidi said. “You know that any mistakes you make won’t matter, a dog will not care. They will love you anyway.”

For two years, Heidi and Kindle would visit the Corwin Health Center once a week and meet with many residents. Kindle would lower their anxiety, lift their spirits and brighten their days. He, of course, loved all the treats.

Heidi is also involved at Emerald Heights as a member of the Wooden Toys for Charities Group.

“People are very friendly and welcoming so joining an activity that matches your interests is very easy,” Heidi said. “My passion for wood working was a perfect fit for the Toy Maker group and I have helped create the wooden toys for local charities.”

Through a birthday gift, Heidi discovered a new home and the community gained another valued member and friend.