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Make Moving Easier: Recommendations For Seniors

Having A Game Plan Can Make The Process A Lot Less Stressful When you’ve lived in the same home for a long time, maybe even several decades, the very thought of moving can be enough to make you want to bolt the door and stay put. Sure, the idea of having less to take care … Continued

How Many Financial Benefits Of Life Care Do You Know?

Read On, & You’ll Be Familiar With Them All! If you’re just getting started in your efforts to research retirement communities, you might not have a clear picture in your mind of what the differences are between a Life Plan community and a Life Care community—or what sets them apart from other types of senior … Continued

Residents of Emerald Heights Unite to Fight the Pandemic

Facing Challenges Head-on through Volunteerism and the Power of Community As the year draws to a close, one thing that essentially everyone can agree on is that 2020 has been anything but normal. Yet, even though many of the events and social activities that typically make Emerald Heights such an engaging place to live have … Continued

Residents Handcraft Beautiful Wooden Toys for Local Charities

A Tradition of Creativity and Charity Since 2014, Emerald Heights residents have been joining together during the holiday season to create and donate wooden toys to charities throughout western Washington. This year, the 13-member Wooden Toys for Charity of Emerald Heights used saws, sanders, and other tools to create over 350 wonderful wooden toys. The … Continued

Mindfulness Philosophy Webinar Reveals Valuable Insights

Lessons Learned On Wednesday, October 14, forty seniors, their family members, and senior living professionals—all invited guests of Emerald Heights and sister community Heron’s Key—participated in a webinar on mindfulness philosophy1. Presented by intuitive life coach Marla Williams2, the webinar revealed how people can navigate in The BEING Zone™ in order to better face the … Continued