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Dean and Bev Nelson

Dean and Bev Nelson, high school sweethearts celebrating their 63rd wedding anniversary this year, grew up in a very small Danish community in South Dakota, with a population of 500. They are blessed with three children, six grandchildren, and two great-grandsons. It’s been just over two years since they’ve moved to Redmond, and they could … Continued

The Nature Trail

The Nature Trail Hugh Knapp, resident of Emerald Heights, runs the group that is responsible for maintaining the mile-long trail that wraps around the entire community. The resident-built “Nature Trail” came about as the residents wanted a chance to explore the surrounding natural beauty of Emerald Heights. Hugh loves the picturesque setting of the west … Continued

Revamping the Role of IT

Two and a half years ago, Emerald Heights’ Chief Information Officer (CIO) Chad Thornton joined the community when a friend in Facilities suggested the Director of IT opportunity. Thornton brought more than two decades of software and technology experience to his role as Director of IT and now CIO. “There is definitely no shortage of … Continued

Emerald Heights Residents Handcraft Hundreds of Toys for Local Charities

  Media Contact:      Katy Reeve, LAVIDGE 480-998-2600 Ext. 514          kreeve@lavidge.com Emerald Heights Residents Handcraft Hundreds of Toys for Local Charities  REDMOND, Wash. (November 17, 2016) – Emerald Heights, a Life Plan Community with amenity-rich offerings and on-site health care services, recently donated 624 handmade wooden toys to charities in King County, Washington.   The Wooden … Continued

Growing Passion for Emerald Heights from 15 Years of Age

Not many people can say they’ve worked for the same company since they were 15 years old. But, for Randy Monkley, that is a different story. “Well, I was actually 15 1/2,” Randy laughs, talking about his start with Emerald Heights. Randy became interested in working at Emerald Heights because friends worked here, and according … Continued

Welcome Our New Fitness Program Coordinator

Please welcome our new fitness program coordinator, Kota Shimada. Kota has an extensive background in nutrition, exercise, and fitness and we are excited to welcome him to our community. Fitness has always been a big passion of Kota’s. In addition to holding a Master’s degree in exercise science, Kota has more than 15 years of … Continued

Blazing a New Trail

John and Donna Bailey have been married for 55 years by John’s estimate. “It’s hard to keep track sometimes,” he joked. The two met in Maryland, when John was working as a commissioned officer in the United States Public Health Service. John, 27 at the time and Donna, 19, quickly hit it off, and were … Continued

The Chips Stacked Up for Emerald Heights

Choosing a retirement plan using poker chips may not be the go-to strategy for most people. However, for Larry and Joyce Pinnt that is exactly how it happened. Larry decided to use poker chips to stack up the cost of living in their home versus living at Emerald Heights. Larry is no stranger to using … Continued

Staying Fit at Any Age

Beginning or maintaining an exercise routine can be a real challenge as you age. You may feel discouraged by aches and pains, ongoing health problems, or concerns about injuries or falls. However, staying active is highly important to living a longer, happier and healthier life. Not to mention staying active helps seniors to heal faster, … Continued

Happy National Dog Day!

  In honor of all of our four-legged friends at Emerald Heights, take a look at this Q&A with Carrie Chavez, our Programs Manager, to learn more about our amazing Pet Therapy Program. Why is pet therapy important to our residents? Our residents are actively engaged, even those who may be passive most of the … Continued